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A Guy Paid AED10,000 To Pull Into A Club In A Dubai Taxi And The Internet Has Mixed Feelings

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We kid you not.

In most countries, roll up at a club or a hotel in your supercar in a bit of a ‘cool’ status thing. The valet then takes the vehicle off your hands and you go about your business.

But this is Dubai, and here one club does things differently.

At The Secret Room at FIVE Palm Jumeirah you can drive your car directly onto the dance floor on arrival, and as you can imagine, it’s quite the entrance for anyone who arrives in a Lambo or a Rolls.

This video is going viral on Facebook

No supercar? No problem.

A guy paid AED10,000 for the honour to arrive at the exclusive club in a taxi, and judging from the reaction on the video that’s racked thousands of views in less than a day, people have very mixed feelings about the behaviour.

Some people are less than impressed

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One made a valid point

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YOLO bro!

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