It's Official! Shah Rukh Kahn Was Partying In Dubai Last Night And The Crowds Were INSANE

And he met Asha Bhosle on the way here!

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When Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan comes to Dubai, it's always a big deal.

Crowds follow him where ever he goes and this time in particular he's been making headlines since the moment he hit UAE skies.

First, he met much-loved Indian singer Asha Bhosle on an Emirates flight before touching down in the UAE, then he was greeted by dancers and made an appearance at WHITE where the crowds were insaneeeeeee.

Shades on mid-flight - only superstars can get away with this

Fans wished him a happy journey

And rushed to greet him when he touched down

'King Khan' arriving at WHITE

The Dubai nightclub was RAMMED with people hoping to meet the star

He snapped pics with fans

'A dream come true'

The club was MADNESS

SRK is in town to promote ZERO

An upcoming Bollywood movie that's about a man who's short on height but big on love and people are already talking about the tunes and a dance-off between SRK and Salman Khan.

The movie is set for release this month.

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