HH Sheikh Mohammed Says There Is A Corruption Of Morals In The Region

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In a series of tweets posted to his Twitter account on Saturday evening, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai called out a 'corruption of morals' and 'waste of resources' in the region.

He said there are countries here in the region rich in oil, gas and water but which 'lack development and are even unable to offer basic services' to their people.

He called out a lack of management, and a lack of administrators, stating politicans' need to help people's lives rather than creating crises for people...

Life has taught me that talking a lot about politics in the Arab world, and much of the political discourse is a waste of time, a corruption of ethics and a waste of resources, and whoever wants to accomplish something for his people, should work in his backyard. History is the witness. Where either great achievements speak for themselves or empty speeches have no value or meaning.

We have a surplus of politicians in the Arab world but a shortage of administrators. We have a management crisis, not a crisis of resources. Look at China and Japan...where they are now even now without natural resources.

There are countries that possess oil, gas, water and human capital but lack development and even cannot provide basic services, such as roads and electricity, to their people.

In the Arab world, a politician is the one who is in charge of economy, education, media and even sports.

The politician’s true job is to facilitate the lives of economists, academics, media, businessmen, and others and resolve people's crises, not create them, making achievements not destroying them.

This comes after Dubai's ruler noted low employment satisfaction ratings in government agencies and resolved to solve the situation within six months

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