Sheikh Mohammed sends Twitter a birthday message... with a tweet!

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The social network Twitter turned 10 years old on Monday, 21st of March 2016. On the same day in 2006, one of it's early founding members, Jack Dorsey (now current CEO), sent out the first tweet. 

A lot has happened on Twitter, and to the communications in industry as a whole in the past 10 years. Twitter is an important channel for new media, and it has been widely adopted both in Dubai and the Middle East. 

'Just setting up my twttr'

Happy birthday from Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed is a avid user of Twitter, using it to document his daily activity both in English and in Arabic, as well as sending out important state messages. He has accumulated almost six million followers and send almost four thousand tweets since joining the platform in 2009. 

We would like to echo his Royal Highness sentiments today and wish Twitter happy birthday, let's hope for as significant next 10 years as the first. 

And here is a cute video from the Twitter MENA team based in Dubai to thank all their partners for the past 10 years....

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