Stories of passengers who missed ill-fated Flydubai flight come to light

Losing a passport, oversleeping and cancelling a trip saved their lives...

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Stories of four passengers who didn't make flight FZ981 have come to light. 

Going out the night before saved the life of Elvira Isaeva, who was on holiday in Dubai, but overslept and missed the flight. 

She said: “I don’t know how it happened. It was sheer luck. I just overslept – and that’s it. I woke up to a phone-call from Rostov, where I bought the tour. I didn’t even understand what they meant when some trembling voice asked me: ‘Are you alive?’”

“I said ‘yes’ and went back to bed. Then, I woke up and turned on the news, I was horrified. I do not know, is it my luck, a guardian angel watching over me or my mother’s prayers? But I’m in dismay. I’m hurt and terrified by what happened there. A number of my friends took the flight and died.  This is a terrifying trauma."

Another passenger had missed the trip to Dubai completely, after losing his passport just days before the trip. However, the tragedy has left him a widower, as his wife went on without him.

Russian media have also reported that a third passenger and her son were due to take the trip from Rostov to Dubai but she cancelled her trip at the last minute. However, her cousin along with her husband and his brother took the fatal trip. All of them were killed in the plane crash.

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Elvira Isaeva overslept and missed the flight

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