The RTA's Driverless Vehicle Trials In Business Bay Are Over And The Results Are Impressive

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Two months ago the driverless car trials were announced by the RTA to take place at Business Bay. The strategy is based on transforming 25% of all trips in Dubai into driverless journeys by 2030. During the trial run for the past two months in conjunction with Dubai Properties, the driverless vehicles were used in the Business Bay by as many as 1700 riders. The smart vehicle is 100% eco-friendly as it runs on electrically powered engines with an eight-hour battery life. 

It can accommodate up to 10 passengers (6 sitting and 4 standing) and can travel at a speed of 10 km per hour

According to a survey covering 736 users, this is the feedback from the tests

  • The satisfaction rating of vehicle safety specifications reached 92%
  • 91% were interested in providing autonomous vehicles as a means of public transport
  • 80% of respondents expected that the technology would improve traffic safety, while 82% expected that it would ease traffic congestion
  • 90% expected the technology to result in less fuel consumption

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