The Rule Forcing Restaurants To Include Calories On Menus Has Been Agreed

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Last year we reported that 'Dubai Restaurants May Be Forced To Write The Calorie Count Next To Every Dish On The Menu', now that law has is closed to being implemented by Dubai Health Authority according to a report in The National today. The new changes have been agreed and will be rolled out in phases. In addition to that, Gulf News reported that bilingual food labels will be mandatory by next year. 

Empowering people to make a choice

"We are working on developing a policy whereby majority of the restaurants will be required to write the calorie count along with the listed price. This will empower people to make a choice,"

Dr Manal Taryam, Dubai Health Authority (DHA),

Last year the UAE was named as one of the fattest countries in the world 

A worrying report. 

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The Dubai Health Forum is taking place right now

HH Sheikh Mohammed attended yesterday

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