There Is A Pokemon Go Account For Sale On Dubizzle For 22,000 AED


Pokemon Go is still not officially released in the UAE but that's not stopping people finding ways to download the app and play. The app which shot to fame last month is continuing to perform really well all over the world. The app has already generate $160m in revenues, which far exceeds similar gaming apps like candy crush. There are in app purchases contributing to these revenues, however there is also a whole eco-system building up around Pokemon go, such as accounts being sold on listing websites like Dubizzle and hardware being developed like head gear as below. 

All signs indicate that Pokemon Go isn't going away any time soon! 

Account at 'level 22' on sale in Dubai

The reason for the high price point is that the person has got quite far in the game! Here is the link if you feel like putting in a bid!

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There is now even a Pokemon Go helmet!

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