A Tourist Got Slapped With AED175,000 Fines After Gunning It Down SZR In A Rented Lamborghini


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Just, how?

A British tourist visiting Dubai lived his Dubai dream...for about three hours.

The motorist rented one of the world's ultimate super cars, the Lamborghini, from a Sheikh Zayed Road dealership according to the National.

And while Rent a Car supplied the motor, unfortunately the driver could not keep to the rules of the road.

In three hours, the foolhardy driver broke the speed limit 33 times

The motorist hit Sheikh Zayed Road in the early hours of July 30 and gunned it up to speeds of between 230km and 240km per hour according to the report.

And it will cost him.

Racking up fines of AED70,000 for 12 violations and then another AED105,000 to get the car out of impound, the driver now needs to pay AED175,000.

Follow the rules of the road friends

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