Trump Uses Dubai As A Reference To American People And Gets Absolutely Slated

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During the night the first or three presidential debates took place. In it, candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off over policies. His point was to compare the airports of Dubai and Newark, however this was seen as someone who is not in touch with the ordinary American, who is not a frequent visitor of Dubai. One twitter user, Adam Smith @asmith83 (not the economist), summed it up: 'Ah yes, the Ohio coal miner flying into LaGuardia from Dubai.' The #DebateNight hashtag trended globally and there were many topics that stirred tweeters, however this reference to Dubai airports seemed to resonate with anti-trump voters. 

Trump said this..

This is how the public reacted...

"That'll connect with the average American!"

Daily commute!

'Trump speaking to middle America by highlighting the differences between Newark and Dubai's airports.'

'Not sure who he is talking to but not average Americans'

'I'm quite confident the average American will sympathize with people flying in from Dubai to Kennedy airport.'

And there was the usual anti-Trump supporter tweet, surely they can all spell Dubai right?

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