Twitter Users Had The Funniest Reactions To Etisalat's Celebration Of The Premier League

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One of the biggest mobile networks in the UAE, Etisalat, posted a congratulations post of the English Premier League win on Twitter yesterday.

Manchester City automatically won the title yesterday after rival Man United lost to West Brom with a 0-1 game score. 

Etisalat then congratulated Manchester City for their win in the English football league with a one-minute tribute video for the team. 

With a catchy remake of a famous children's song, the fans are cheering and singing, "if you're happy that we did it, and you really wanna show it, if you're here for Man City, clap your hands." 

The remixed song continues for the rest of the video, and even incorporates two Emirati men dressed in traditional clothes cheering for the team's win. 

But the reactions that spilled out in the comment section are the best thing about the social post

It's true what they say about the comment's a scary place but hella hilarious. 

While some thought the video was brilliant

One user wants to change the service completely

Others want to erase ever seeing the post

This user thinks the post is completely repulsive

Etisalat went from 0-100 real quick for this user

Creative way to deal with the video

Others think that deleting Twitter is the only way to go

Facebook users weren't that happy with the video either

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Oh internet trolls, you've managed to make a football video into the funniest thing on the internet today

Everyone reading the comment section is like: 

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