The Average Wage Of UAE Expats In The Latest Study Is A Whopping AED570,000 Per Year

And the UAE has been globally ranked

Uae Average Earnings

The HSBC Expat Explorer study has released its full findings, and ranked the UAE according to its average annual income, as well as reasons for coming to the UAE, and employment rates are at 80%.

The study, which was based on 859 UAE-based expats found the average annual salary to be AED569,380 per year, with 17% owning property in the UAE.

52% of respondents have children, and the main reasons people move to the UAE are: to improve earnings, progress career and improve quality of life, the study found.

The study's initial findings were released in March, when it was reported that UAE residents earned an average AED500,000 per year - which drew a mixed reaction.

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Globally, the UAE came in 10th overall

While it was ranked sixth in salary - following Switzerland, USA, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

You can read more here.

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