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UAE Is Now A Part of The 20 Countries In The World With The Most Billionaires

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United Arab Emirates has, for the first time, broken into the top 20 list with most billionaires in the country. 

It ranked 19 on the Hurun Global Rich List of 2017, being home to 21 mega-rich individuals.

“The world today has 5,000 dollar billionaires, assuming that for every one we have found we have missed at least one” 

Ruper Hoogewerf, Hurun’s chairrman and lead researcher

China is at the top of the list with over 600 billionaires

China remains at the top, with an increase of 41 last year, resulting into  609 billionaires. Making the US come second on the list with an 11 percent increase.  

USA’s richest man Bill Gates saw an increase of 1 percent in wealth

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, is now valued at US$81 billion, whereas Warren Buffett comes second with US$78 billion. 

The one with the highest increase was Jeff Bezos, who saw a 37 percent rise in wealth ranking him in third for his entrepreneurial ties. 

China remains top with 609 billionaires, an increase of 41 on last year, with the US second with 552 an increase of 11. Germany is third and India is fourth.

This is the ultimate list of top billionaires in the UAE

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