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A UAE Marriage Ended After JUST 15 Minutes

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A groom filed for divorce after just 15 minutes of marriage.

He ended the marriage after he felt he was disrespected by the bride’s father, according to reports.

The men had agreed on a set price for the bride; AED50,000 would be paid to the bride’s father when the marriage contract was signed and AED50,000 would be paid directly after they left the court.

The father didn’t trust his new son-in-law

The father demanded the second cheque as soon as they left the office, in the presence of family and friends. The groom assured him the cash was in his car. However, the father insisted on getting paid immediately and requested someone to retrieve the money from the car at that very moment.

The groom felt ‘insulted and demeaned’ by the situation. He filed for divorce within 15 minutes of the marriage.

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