A UAE Policeman Who Raped His Fiancée Has Been Sentenced To Six Months In Jail

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A policeman accused of raping his fiancee has been sentenced to jail by the Dubai Criminal Court.

The Emirati policeman, who worked at Dubai International Airport, was arrested after the woman, an airline worker, told police that he forced himself on her during a drive in his car in March.

The 28-year-old met the woman in 2015 at the airport and the two became friends

He later told her he wanted to marry her and they got engaged at her parents’ house.

The woman has since forgiven and married him but he has still been jailed for six months by the Court of First Instance.

In her original testimony, the woman said that he drove her around before he parked his car in a residential area between some villas and raped her.

She said she went straight to a police station to report the crime

His defence lawyer argued for the court to clear his client of any wrongdoing on the grounds that the two were, in principle (they had no marriage certificate at the time), married at that time and what happened was between a married couple.

However, in court the woman told judges that the couple had since reconciled

“Yes, we got married, but when it happened, I was still his fiancee – not his wife. However, we reconciled and it’s all well now,” she said.

The court convicted the man and sentenced him to six months in jail.

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