20 Items You Won't Even Believe Were Reported Lost In An Uber In 2019

Number 9

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Dubai Uber users: You're more likely to forget something on a Thursday over any other day, huh.

Uber's 2019 Lost & Found index is here and if one thing is certain, we're an extremelyyy forgetful bunch.

UAE riders are most likely to forget their phones and cameras on a Friday, while Saudis forget their backpacks and Egyptians leave their wallets and purses behind on a Wednesday.

The moment you realise you left your phone in a cab

UAE riders are more forgetful between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays

(It's end of the week, and your mind is elsewhere. This speaks to us)

UAE riders have been most forgetful on January 1

Wonder why...

The 10 most common items to forget in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan

1. Backpacks/bags/folders/box/luggage

2. Phones and cameras

3. Clothes

4. Wallets and purses

5. Keys

6. Glasses

7. Headphones and speakers

8. Water bottles and thermoses

9. Phone chargers

10. Jewelry & makeup

20 items you will not even believe were reported missing

1. Pink teddy bear in the backseat

2. Wedding card invitation

3. Dokha Set

4. Shisha

5. Kids scooter

6. Family photo

7. Board game

8. Binoculars

9. A sibling!

10. Concert tickets

11. Towels

12. Graduation cap

13. Platter of eggs

14. Bag of spices

15. Stethoscope

16. Air condition

17. Baby stroller

18. Bag of rice!

19. Flute

20. Microwave

15 cities ranked in order of their forgetfulness

1. Qassim, KSA

2. Abu Dhabi, UAE

3. Madinah, KSA

4. Eastern Province, KSA

5. Riyadh, KSA

6. Dubai, UAE

7. Jeddah, KSA

8. Manama, Bahrain

9. Beirut, Lebanon

10. Amman, Jordan

11. Islamabad, Pakistan

12. Cairo, Egypt

13. Karachi, Pakistan

14. Lahore, Pakistan

15. Hyderabad, Pakistan

Forgetting something is not a huge pain any more.

Leave something in an Uber? It's easy to get back. Simply tap "your trips", "I lost an item" and follow the instructions.


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