Weather Forecast: More Rainfall In The UAE Is Likely To Bring A Dip In Temperature This Weekend

Let it pour!

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Some people may argue that constant showers are an indicator of the changing weather- the onset of summer in the UAE, but, hey, anything that gets the temperature down.... we'll take it.

The weather in the UAE is going to be pleasant during the weekend with chances of rainfall that will bring a dip in the temperature.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), temperatures are expected to reach 26 degrees Celsius in Dubai, with as low as 15 degrees C overnight in some parts of the country.

NCM further said that weekend will be partly cloudy to cloudy, with Friday being a pleasant, sunny day for most part.

However, look out if you're headed to the sea, waves could get rough with wave height expected to reach between 4 and 6 feet, peaking at 7 feet until evening

Today's weather forecast

Saturday, on the other hand, will be cloudy with chances of rainfall over some parts of the UAE. Temperatures are expected to go down

NCM has also warned that fresh winds will cause blowing dust across the coast and exposed areas, so drive carefully peeps.

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