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Don’t Freak Out: No One Else Is Able To Send Images And Vnotes On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp users in Dubai immediately rushed to Twitter after realising none of their images, voice notes and other multimedia files were sending on the app, on Sunday afternoon. The seemingly ‘once-a-year’ event of WhatsApp completely shutting down having yet to take place in 2020 (*fingers crossed).

On Twitter, the hashtag #WhatsAppDown started trending, with many expressing the confusion, emotions and you know, 21st-century ordeals that come with not being able to send multimedia files to your WhatsApp peers.

Naturally, hilarious tweets came in place in lieu of this lack of the usual WhatsApp feature- read some below…

“Quickly downloads Twitter to check if everyone’s facing the same issue…”

“Any problem with WhatsApp voice notes?”

Not all users are affected by this glitch, however

“Anyone else experiencing this insane gossip block?”


These type of glitches, based on past experience, don’t usually last hours

Patience is key, people

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