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An Arab Woman Evaded Parking Charges For Two Months In Dubai By Using A Traffic Officer’s ID

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All of us pretty much would love to avoid paying parking charges, but definitely not at the cost of breaking rules.

One Arab woman, however, took evading parking charges to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

She used a traffic officer’s ID pass and avoided paying for parking for two months straight.

Seriously, what was she thinking?

The woman has now been detained on felony charges in Dubai.

This incident came to light when a Roads and Transport Authority traffic officer was patrolling a parking area when he recognised the ID in one of the cars belonging to a fellow officer.

He called the officer who in turn told him he wasn’t in the vicinity and that it wasn’t his car.

The police officer then questioned the rightful owner of the vehice, the Arab woman, and she confessed about finding the ID pass on the ground and using it to evade parking payments for about two months.

She has now been detained and referred to the Public Prosecution.

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