A Woman Who Cursed Her Husband Over The Phone Has Been Slapped With An AED5000 Fine

Oh no

Woman Fine For Insulting Husband

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but sometimes, the role is reversed. 

The Khor Fakkan police received a complaint from an enraged husband who accused his wife of cursing and insulting him on the phone by using derogatory language. 

Instead of responding to his wife and solving the crisis at home, he chose to file an official complaint against his spouse to the police. 

The wife could have gotten a one-month jail time

The Khor Fakkan Court of Appeals' initial verdict was of handing a one-month jail to the accused but they later changed it to an AED5000 fine to be paid by the wife. 

The woman admitted to her mistake and informed that the language used against her husband was a result of a sudden outburst of anger. 

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