Woman's Pimp Complaint In Dubai Nightclub Backfires And Lands Her In Jail


A woman's complaint of being forced into flesh trade exposes a prostitution racket in Naif area.

The 23-year-old Pakistani national filed a complaint with Al Qusais police station that her compatriot, MK, was forcing her into prostitution after forcing her to consume alcohol. She was released and investigations were started on the basis that she's a victim.

However, investigations showed that the woman had been arrested in 2014 by Al Rifaa police station for consuming alcohol and was a regular at a nightclub in a hotel in the same area.

On the night prior to filing a complaint with the police, she was consuming alcohol in the same hotel. The security guard confirmed she was a regular customer there.

Investigations further revealed that she had offered sex to her compatriot, YA, a 28-year-old porter, out of her own will. Both were summoned by the police and admitted to being involved in the act. 

She also admitted offering the act out of her own will, but she claimed that the money she earned out of the trade was being given to MK, a 25-year-old salesman. Both of them have been arrested and the court will reconvene on 25 August.

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