Passports Of The World Have Been Rated In Order Of Most Powerful To Least And The UAE Passport Placed Impressively High

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A Global Passport Index for 2017 has just named the UAE passport the most powerful passport in the region for the third year running and in the 22nd tier of world's most powerful passports globally. 

A recent UAE Passport Force initiative, which aims at placing the UAE passport as one of the most important passports in the world by 2021 is one of the reasons for the successful placing. The initiative aims aims at strengthening the countries openness and established connections with all parts of the world.

Passports are given a ranking in tiers from 1 to 93

The UAE was marked in the 22nd tier along with the Seychelles and Uruguay

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The top two tiers: 

According to the report, the German and Singapore passports are the world's most powerful

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The bottom tiers:

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