Youngest member of the UAE's FNC council calls ban on Snapchat voice calls an 'embarrassment'

Saeed Al Remeithi quoted the United Nations in saying the Internet is 'a human right'

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We reported over the weekend about the ban on Snapchat voice calls, people weren't happy then and it would appear they're still not happy, now.

This time, the backlash has come during a Federal National Council (FNC) meeting. The FNC is a group of UAE government officials and their meetings provide a forum for public debate on laws that affect the Emirati people. 

During a meeting yesterday, the youngest member of the FNC spoke up about the ban on Snapchat calling. Saeed Al Remeithi, 32, advised that the UAE should have the same online access as any other country, and be open to anyone paying for telecoms in this country, going on to add that The United Nations “considered the Internet a human right”.

“It should be available for everyone on an international level. As UAE representatives we are embarrassed in the international federation by this issue.

“Any person who uses any app or video pays Etisalat a lot of money, and if we calculate what is downloaded from the web, or any call, it is a lot.”

Hamad Al Mansouri, the head of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said: "The security factor is important in the country. If we neglect it, online calling will impose risks.”

The council then discussed the 'high costs of telecom services in the UAE' making an official recommendation for a reduction in prices to be considered.

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