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Zayn Malik Said He Doesn’t Call Himself A Muslim And Twitter Is In A Total State Of Shock

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Hearts melted when images of Zayn Malik and his supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid celebrating Eid with his family surfaced, so an admission from Zayn that he doesn’t call himself a Muslim has left his fans in TOTAL shock.

The former One Directioner (the one who quit the band early) told British Vogue he wouldn’t call himself a Muslim and the reaction is seriouslyyyy mixed.

While some are ‘cancelling’ him, others aren’t surprised…

Zayn spoke to British Vogue

In the interview he claims religion is a personal matter between you and what you choose to believe, talking about it can lead to a lot of trouble

He’s not wrong…

Fans are cancelling him following the admission

He’s now the ‘wrong direction’

Many are just upset

He shouldn’t be judged for his decision

While others are not shocked


“Who’s he going to leave next’

‘We will get another Zayn’

Some were shocked for a different reason

The star has courted controversy since his One-D days

With a huge online following, (nearly 30 million followers on the ‘gram alone) it’s not the first time the solo star has been on the wrong end of some negative Twitter comments.

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