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9 Types Of People You Will See At The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens This Year

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This year Lovin Dubai is an official media partner of the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens. We will be bringing you lots of stories, the best tips and all you need to know to make it a great event! We also have a special guest joining us, plenty of activations and competitions… stay tuned for more!

You know it’s the most wonderful time of the year when the best event on the Dubai sporting calendar looms…

Yup, the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens at the Rugby Sevens stadium is rolling around once more and it’s time to get excited.

Beginning Thursday November 30, the sporting (and social!) tournament is three days of pure, undiluted craic. 

Here are the groups who keep coming back:

1. The players who play the game

Kitted out in their team colours, these handsome fellas and ladies will be hard to miss (there’s going to be over 3,500 players this year!).

Even if they got knocked out early, there’s no doubt they’ll wear the jersey all weekend long – and if you haven’t figured out they’re a player? 

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you all about it.

2. The ones in over-the-top costumes

YES! This is what Sevens is all about, the more outrageous the better. 

Team costumes, couple costumes, family costumes! All the costumes, and they go OVER THE TOP. Be part of this year’s #RunWild theme and come dressed as a tiger.  

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3. The ones who make no effort

Sitting in the corner, wishing they had a costume… 

4. The family who make a day of it

This is incredible to watch. 

The kids are shocked…eyeing the usually composed adults flouncing around in wild costumes warily, while mum and dad fly between the new F&B village, the Rugby Village and the pitches to catch the games.

They’re going to be especially happy this year, thanks to the new, improved Sabaa 7s Club, which is providing ALL the kids entertainment thanks to The Toy Store and Hallmark including fun games, a bouncy castle, challenges and more! 

5. The ones who don’t even know there’s rugby being played

Yup, this happens. They’re making the most of all the F&B options, which this year includes five zones; a Party Zone, a Family Zone, a Street Food Zone, a Relax Zone and even a Food of the Nations zone inspired by the 18 countries participating in the tournament.

They are usually dressed in costumes and not even facing the pitch…but they are having a great time. 

They’re really just there for the after game concerts at the legendary Rugby Rock! This year The Boxtones and The Distillers are both performing.

6. The ones who don’t leave the stands

The true supporters. 

They’ve secured reserved seating, they’ve arrived early and you know exactly where to find these eager beavers for the duration of the event.

And once they find the new f&b villages, they’ll never want to go home.

7. The smug ones who managed to nab corporate passes

Everyone always has a nose going past the fancy corporate tents. Food and drinks galore await those lucky enough to get inside.

And with famous players paying a visit, they may even spot a famous player or two!

Top tip: Say hello, you never know, you might get let in…

8. The legends who’ve seen it all before…

International rugby superstars always make an appearance at the Sevens. This year Irish rugby legend Jamie Heaslip will be joining the Lovin team at the event…

YES. We’re not even going to be pretend to be casual about it, this is EPIC!

9. The ones attending their first Sevens

Always fun to watch, these guys walk around wide-eyed and overwhelmed by the colours, the noises, the smells (of amazing foooood trucks), the people and the fun! 

It takes them a while to orient themselves because there’s SO MUCH HAPPENING, but when they do, they get right into the fun. 

And ALL OF THEM have an absolutely CRACKING weekend…and so will you

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