The Six Types Of People You Are Bound To See On The Dubai Metro

No. 2...The lads who accidentally find themselves in the women's only carriages

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In Germany, it’s often said that you can set your watch by the efficiency of the train service. The same is pretty much true of Dubai’s own metro I think. If we use it every day, it’s easy to take for granted, but what can help make every journey special – is the people that share our commutes….

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1. The one who hasn't prepared to get off...and it's rush hour

Picture the scene: The train is packed, etiquette – nay, four year old, single figure IQ logic – dictates that you edge closer to the exits, as your stop draws near. The opening of the doors then sets in motion a series of events. With no order whatsoever, humans trying to get on plough their way into the carriage as the unprepared ones desperately try to escape – the elbows are deployed to a chorus of tuts by appalled onlookers. No one wants to be this guy. 


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2. The men who accidentally find themselves in the women's only carriage

You could entertain yourself for hours watching these unsuspecting fellas, (tourists for-the-most-part) as they slowly realise that they are in the wrong carriage and make a quick dash toward the nearest exit.

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3. The confused tourists

Easy to spot - staring at the metro-map, checking it against the guide book, dressed in either entirely inappropriate beach attire or long flowing gowns because they’ve been told before they left, by some idiot friend on Facebook, that you can’t show ankle anywhere in Dubai outside of your hotel room.

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4. The one's who stare too much

I don’t mind people staring at me, I have an impenetrable sense of self-belief that makes me think that people staring at me are simply making mental notes on what they can do to try and achieve the same level of awesome as I am. Others not so much, cut out the staring, it's uncomfortable for most. 

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5. The one's carrying too many bags

Ever passed Dubai Mall on the Metro? I have been on trains where the shopping bag to human ratio is so wildly inconceivable the only way of describing it to someone else is by dropping a marble on to Jumeriah beach, pointing at the marble and repeatedly screaming  “LOOK AT IT”. (Slight exaggeration) But seriously, some people over do it, which is probably why they're on the Metro and not driving home in their own car. 

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6. The one's who fall asleep on strangers

There are inherent problems with nodding off on the metro; not having a suitable pillow substitute for one – your head will normally act as a stranger’s shoulder seeking missile and there it will remain until you’re violently jolted out of slumber when your new travel cushion gets up because it’s their stop. Don't hate, it can happen to the best of us. 

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Please let us know about any other types of fellow passenger you have a fondness or curiosity for. And keep a look out for me, I’ll be the one doing lunges in preparation for the 200 meter stare in Rio.

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