6 Reasons To Do Evening Brunches Instead Of Daytime Ones

Enough's enough. It's time to ditch the drunch.

evening brunch

At Lovin Dubai, we don't think the evening brunch scene gets enough credit. Here are our top 6 reasons to ditch the daytime equivalent.

1. The elusive Friday lie in

Picture the scene: it's been a long week and you're still bed-bound from Thursday night cocktails (or one too many mocktails). Your alarm starts singing a familiar song; it's 10am and you need to get ready for brunch, right? Wrong. Hit that magical snooze button and bury your face in the pillow until 7pm.


"I'm never getting up!" - Evening brunchers

2. Getting that bronzed god(ess) look

Let's be honest, if you work the standard Sunday to Thursday slog, Friday afternoon is prime time for tanning (we all know Saturday afternoons are exclusively reserved for box sets and McDelivery). With an evening brunch, you've suddenly gained a whole afternoon to work on your golden glow. Just don't overdo it.


We call this look the "crispy delight"

3. Say "No more" to those regrettable late night fast food binges

Ok, so you've been to your midday brunch and inevitably ended up sitting on Barasti beach at 3am contemplating life. This is quickly followed by a massive greasy shawarma. An evening brunch lets you head straight out on a full stomach - say goodbye to late night fast food binges.


Who are we kidding, you're still ordering that pizza

4. Keep it classy, ladies!

For us Ladies, there's definitely a bit of a "Pretty Woman" vibe to getting so dressed up, so early in the day. With an evening brunch, those short shorts - and their tendency to go further north - will blend in a little easier. Plus, you won't have to struggle in your killer heels for quite so long.


Classy is Key

5. Make the most of that outdoor seating and enjoy the view

Like sitting outside? Well, so do we! Thankfully, 48 degree heat is slightly more tolerable at night. Only slightly, mind. Plus, sitting in the dark means no one will see those sweat patches. Win, win.


Enjoy the view!

6. Tighten up those pesky purse strings

The day time drunch usually has a habit of draining your bank account. We're talking taxis, happy hours, taxis, drinks and more taxis. Stick with the evening brunch and save yourself the hassle, as well as the dirhams.


We've all been there....

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