Here Are 17 Reasons You Definitely Should Go Out For Some Drinks Tonight

On the fence? These should help any of our rubber armed friends


1. You're nearly through three full working days already

This alone deserves some celebration.


2. You haven't been out since Friday...

And you're experiencing withdrawls


And so you should!

3. You need proper bass in your life

Your fake Karama Beats just don't cut it these days.


right well at least you still look cool...*cough*

4. You're best mate is hanging out with his girlfriend for the night

It's time to show him what kind of fun he's missing out on.


5. Tonight is the most popular ladies night in town

Step right up ladies and gents, this is good news for everybody!

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6. You never know who you might meet...

We're not talking about celebrities. We're talking about the one. What happens if your future life partner is out tonight and you don't go out... I bet you like being single though, right?


you totatlly do though

7. No one's going to miss you at your gym class


yea seriously. no one

8. You still don't know the office crowd

Come on, there could be huge friend potential there but you're going to waste it because, 'you're still recovering from the weekend'. Wimp.

friend 1

9. Lets face it, you're probably not going to do any work in the morning any way


standard morning behaviour

10. You broke your new shoes in at the weekend

But it's about time they get a proper wear


they deserve to be seen!

11. You sisters neighbor's accountant is in town

Usually you avoid these situations (you're not a tour guide) but today lets look at the positives... this could be your partner in crime!


12. You'll probably only go for one...


well it's not our fault you can't control yourself

13. You don't want a sore head tomorrow

The morning after the night before gets a helluva lot worse with age my friends. Don't take those baby headaches for granted because they're only going to get worse!


bad now? give it ten years and report back then

14. YOLO

You Only Live Once. We hate to say it, but if you're gotten this far into the list you clearly you need only some over used motivational quote to inspire you.


and If Drake can get away with it then so can we

15. You've only ever been to Barasti

It's time to branch out. There are SO many cool venues in this city, stop talking about them and start visiting them.

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Jetty Lounge at the One & Only Mirage

16. This argument is pointless, it's about time you give in...


17. Still not giving in?

Some of the finest peer pressure techniques...(you're lucky you're not in the office with us)


NOTE: Your boss probably will not accept this as a valid excuse if you're late tomorrow

(We would love to see you try it though!)

Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.