Mythos Or Legend?

If Zeus breaks for lunch then so do we...


After a recommendation from one of our IG followers, I decided to pay Mythos, a Greek restaurant in Cluster P, a visit.

Lovin Dubai is new to the JLT scene and I’m always looking for an excuse to stretch my legs and find new places to eat come lunch time, all in the name of research of course. You're probably thinking it but just to confirm - yes... I am that dedicated. Either way, Mythos is only a cheeky four minute walk from our offices, close enough that my Birkenstocks can carry me, even in the heat.

The Ambience

On arrival, I was graciously met by the hostess who then led me to a table of my choice. There were only two other groups eating in the restaurant; a party of four and a party of about 24. Thankfully though, they weren’t too loud and the tranquil music (I presume of Greek origin?) was quietly drowning out any noise without being too intrusive on my thoughts.

Mythos is tastefully decorated with a white-wash clean finish which gives it a very fresh, Mediterranean vibe. It’s a shame it’s still too hot to sit outside as they have quite a picturesque looking patio which would be ideal for sipping on their selection of mocktails whilst soaking up some rays.

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The Food

Their menu features pretty much everything that you’d expect from a Greek establishment. I ordered the Lamb Moussaka, despite the fact that the waiter knowledgeably informed me that it would take 20-25 minutes to prepare, presumably because it’s made from scratch. I probably would’ve ordered a side salad of some sort as well but they only had large portions available which were accompanied by large portion prices which I was not willing to pay.

IMG 20150913 161645
IMG 20150913 161625

While I waited for my food I was given a warm basket of freshly baked Olive bread and some fresh olives to pick on. Needless to say by the time my Moussaka arrived I had already devoured both the olives and the bread (so much for trying to reduce my carbs).

Now, maybe because I was already quite sated, or whether I had set standards too high after the delicious bread and olive starter, I was definitely let down by the Moussaka. Served on its own with very little in the way of garnish, it didn’t really taste of that much and I found myself ogling the meals my fellow restaurant-goers were devouring. That being said, I still finished the whole meal.

IMG 20150913 161549

In an effort to give Mythos another chance to prove itself I ordered the Loukomades for dessert. For those of you who don’t know, Loukomades are deep-fried doughnut like dumplings drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. I was assured this dessert came as a single portion but what I was given would have satisfied the whole of the Lovin Crew’s sugar cravings for a week. I know that's not a bad thing especially considering the waiter kindly offered to “doggy bag” what I didn’t eat. Of course, I took him up on this offer.

The dumplings were delicious and they were accompanied by Vanilla ice cream which would of suited them perfectly if it wasn’t for the fact the ice cream was way too sweet and did nothing to neutralise the sweetness of the Loukamades. It was all a bit overwhelming.

IMG 20150913 161520
IMG 20150913 161439


If I’d enjoyed the Moussaka more and if there was a little more going on on the plate I would of been happy to pay the DHS 63. As it was though, I think this price is a little too hefty - especially at lunch time. For the sheer number of Loukoumades I received, they were worth the DHS 30.

20150913 135112


You couldn’t find a nicer bunch of wait staff. They had the perfect balance of being helpful and always available if you needed them without making you feel like they were about to pick up the fork and feed you your meal.


I think if you’re in a group you’ll get a lot more out of Mythos than if you’re a lone ranger. I think once it cools down a bit I’ll go back and try some of their juices while sitting outside - I definitely haven’t ruled out going back. I also think that at night it probably has a nice romantic date night feel to it.

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