Stop the Dubai Bashing and Let Sheikh Rashid Rest in Peace

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One Week On

A week ago today, Dubai and the world learned of the untimely death of Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed al-Maktoum, the eldest son of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aged 33 of a heart attack. What followed was an official three day mourning period. During this time the radio stations in Dubai play only classical music, as in the Islamic faith, music is paramount, therefore lyrical music is reserved for more celebratory times. Tributes came in from near and far, and Sheikh Mohammed received condolences at The Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai.

Tribute to Sheikh Rashid

Difficult Times

45 UAE servicemen were killed in the conflict in Yemen, and a more sustained period of mourning followed. Such tragedies have a profound effect on a small and young nation, the solemn mood is reflected amongst all, and the usual excitement over Eid In Dubai celebrations are more subdued this year.

Sour Taste

Time is a great healer they say, and of course a family and a nation with strong leadership will bounce back. That would be fine if this episode didn’t leave a sour taste in the mouth. The English Independent published an article titled Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed: Brother, businessman or bodybuilder - who was he really?, where claims of murder and drug abuse are made.

Painting a Negative Picture

Such articles can always be classified as freedom of press and investigative journalism, however, western press has a history of painting a certain image of Dubai. The one that leads to questions like these. Assume for a moment that the allegations are untrue, how respectful is it, during the mourning period for the death of a member of a royal family, that international press covers the story in this way. Imagine the shoe was on the other foot, and Gulf News of Khaleej Times or The National covered the tragic death of Princess Diana in the same way? It’s distasteful and it's wrong. It’s also damaging on the reputation of a great family and a wonderful Emirate.

My Brother: The Word

The press and the public can be cruel. Through social media we are exposed to the grieving of Sheikh Hamdan, heir to the throne in Dubai, and brother to Sheikh Rashid. “My Brother: The Word”. We are reminded of the family values that makes the Maktoums such esteemed leaders . We are reminded of common values that all of us share. A brother is a brother, wherever you are from.

A Brother Mourns

Our Dubai

As a new and fledging publication, Lovin Dubai is
mindful of being respectful during this time, yet we also aim to remain true to our position and our love for this great city. All of us are familiar with what patriotism looks and feels like of our own countries. How can this be applied to a place of living, such as Dubai with over 90% expatriates? That is what Lovin Dubai is about. And if other nations bash Dubai, we are going to defend it.

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