VICE Use Labour Conditions In Dubai To Attack Donald Trump


The US publishing company, VICE has come out and attacked Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, with a graphic and one-sided piece of footage about labour conditions in Dubai. 

This isn't the first time VICE magazine has shown Dubai in a negative light. The subject is worthy of debate, however sensationalising labour conditions here against Trump, the property developer, is not the way to make a valid argument. We support efforts to improve human rights across the board, and would welcome discussion over poor treatment of employees by companies in all industries, however we are growing tired of the same old line and story being repeated again and again. We also think it's unnecessary to use Dubai as fodder for the US presidential election. 

Illustration by Molly Crabapple

VICE continue to come out against Trump

New rewards programme introduced

The strategy and vision are in place for everything that is happening in Dubai. A city that is being built is not without imperfections. One of the goals it to ensure the happiness of citizens. One of the initiatives in place to improve miss-treatment of employees by companies is called Taqdeer.  

Taqdeer is a points-based award programme for recognising excellence in labour welfare practice. It was launched last October to reward companies who treat their employees well. The Taqdeer Award reflects the importance Dubai places on ensuring progressive labour practices in line with global standards. 

“The new programme is consistent with the objectives of Dubai Plan 2021 to make Dubai a city of happy, empowered people".

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