WATCH: New TV Ad for Dubai!

The Spirit Of Dubai, does it move you or leave you feeling flat?

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Same Old, Or Is It?

Is it just us or are all Dubai videos beginning to look the same. Please, someone do something different. Perhaps tourism material for all countries is the same, not much changes so you have to show the similar shots over and over again. However, so much is changing in Dubai, it's shouldn't be much of a problem here. What do you think?

This new TV ad does have something fresh. The use of poetry, heard in the ad as a voice over from a young boy. At least this part of it is refreshing. The words do Dubai justice. The same imagery takes from the poetry.

Here is a thought. Imagine the 60 second spot was shot in one consistent take of an an eagle, the national bird the UAE, flying over Dubai with the same voice over. The powerful words, in full below, would have far more impact.

'I Am The Spirit Of Possible'

I felt it before I heard it.

The heartbeat of a place I knew I belonged.

Where history is lived as much as it's made, and forward is the only way the wind blows.

A place where the mind awakens as the body unwinds.

Where all mankind can not only live, but thrive.

I am the flutter in your chest...The chill down your spine...

The voice in your head answering every whispered 'what if?' with a roaring 'why not?'

I am the spirit of possible... The Spirit of Dubai.

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