People Are Extremely Frustrated After The Electric Run Fiasco

And the the reactions today are suitably harsh


What is it with these big events hyping themselves up and then turning out to be one epic waste of time? It happened earlier this year with the City Slide, a massively hyped event that turned sour and disappointed hundreds because, well basically the water slide had no water.

Sandance two years ago was another let down when organizers didn't have the cop on to anticipate the amount of traffic there would be on new years eve and half the ticket holders couldn't even get to the event.

The most recent fail is the Dubai Electric Run which took place over the weekend. To say that runners were disappointed is the understatement of the century and we don't blame them in the slightest for being annoyed. Not only did the run start an hour late but it also literally smelled of crap along the way thanks to a sewer. To add to the fun any freebie water bottles that were handed out to the participants before the race then got confiscated at entry. So much for promoting hydration Electric Run.

Even the media partners were highly disappointed with the event. Many of the 9,000 people who attended the run went home and vented their frustrations on social media. Considering the outrage, we wouldn't be surprised if nobody joined the Electric Run in Abu Dhabi in January next year...unless of course the organizers vow to pull their socks up big time.

It's a shame such events put a black mark on our events log and have left event goers so frustrated. We were only at Zero Gravity festival last week and the entire show went off without a hitch. The same goes for the Take That concert and countless other events that take place here every day.

As usual Twitter was brutally honest in it's reactions to the Electric Run. Were you there? Was it as bad as they make out? Let us know in the comments.

The Organizers response...

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