Why Our City Needs Lovin Dubai

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We already know that people who have never been to Dubai are searching some pretty crazy stuff on the internet about our city. But it's different when you live here. We're all engrossed in work, buried in our smartphones and living from one deadline to the next. That's why it's important to stop once in a while, take a breath and appreciate what we have and where we live.

And that's exactly why Lovin Dubai exists. We're all about discovering our city together and sharing the journey. But, apart from exploring this growing metropolis, why is Lovin Dubai needed?


There is something happening here, you can feel it

People who say there is no culture in Dubai are looking in the wrong place. We, it's people, are shaping the culture as we go. There are 200 nationalities represented from a population of 2.4 million people. And they all bring something to the table (quite literally - just look at the city's 7,000 restaurants; that's one for every 342 people!).


Ok, it's not Rome


Nor is it New York in the 1920s


or London in the 60s

But so much cool stuff happens in Dubai. Whether that's random whale sharks in the marina, celebrity appearances or new restaurant openings, there's always something going on. And there's always someone around to make us smile about it.

Sometimes amazing things are happing in a certain place, and it only emerges some time later. Sometimes, there is a misconception of what it's like to live somewhere. Sometimes, people judge a city without really getting to know it. Lovin Dubai is here to ensure none of those things happen.

Sheikh Mohammed gave an interview recently where he said his people, us, are great and that they deserve the best. Not in the future, not just for generations to come, but for those who are here, for right now. And the best they shall have. We feel the same way .


Win, victory, love.

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