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MINDBLOWN: A Dubai Cyclist Captured These Extraordinary Photos Of the Al Qudra Cycle Path

We're flooded with images of beautiful Dubai daily.

A quick look at the Lovin Dubai 'gram feed shows some of the incredible snaps residents share, but the following album really stands out. Captured in Al Qudra by Dubai resident Mike Bermingham; he shared the images with a comment encouraging residents to keep the land clean.

A cyclist shared the following images with a Facebook group with this brief and thoughtful reminder

"We are so fortunate to have such amazing facilities provided to us with such beautiful surroundings. I would just want to encourage people to fully appreciate what we have, I don’t think there is another other place like it, and we should not spoil it. After we finish our ride it should be like we were never there."

Mike Bermingham

Cyclists enjoying Al Qudra

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On top of the world

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