Floyd Mayweather Looks Like The Ultimate Boss During A Camel Ride In Dubai

What a legend

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It's the mark of a great city when celebs and sports stars visit and take time to visit the local attractions and have a good time, especially when they come back and do it twice!

Floyd Mayweather, arguably one of the best boxers of all time, is back in Dubai for a second time and so far he's been on desert safari and has had the use of some VERY slick cars.

Finishing up his professional undefeated boxing career in 2015, Mayweather only recently came 'out of retirement' to potentially face Irish boxer Conor McGregor in a September fight

Conor McGregor has reportedly said 'Mayweather is petrified' to face him...but judging by the following pics, Mayweather is far from worried about the fight.

'All the king does is travel the world'

Mayweather was spotted on a desert safari tour with close friend Ricki Brazil, both looking like absolute BALLERS

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A luxury car company also snapped this pic of the cars Mayweather and his squad drove during his stay

This video of Mayweather during a 2015 Dubai vacation would give anyone serious holiday envy

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