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Meet Bu Snow: This is How Umm Al Quwain Residents Hilariously Responded To A Recent Hailstorm

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Just when you thought you’d seen it all..

A photo of a snowman complete with a shemagh and shades in Umm Al Quwain pops up.

The Gulf region gets pretty hyped up when anything out of the ordinary happens, like rain, snow and in this case- hailstorms.

When it does though, people make the most of it instead of worrying as was the case on Sunday following a tedious hailstorm in the city.

Meet Bu Snow of Umm Al Quwain- halla walla!

Streets were covered with hail

Motorists were even advised by law enforcements for peeps to reduce speed while driving

Residents’ lightly joked about the supposed ‘snowfall’ around the area too

‘Now in Umm Al Quwain’

LOL: Others got creative with their own versions of the ‘snowman’

Some also made the most out of free ‘ice’ for those fizzy drinks

It never ends

All in a day’s fun

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