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Good luck to all those who are awaiting results of the Dubai Future Accelerators competition

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America used to be the land of dreams and possibilities. That was some time ago. Now Dubai is the City of dreams. Everyday we read and see about new projects being announced, or people striving to achieve their life long dreams. We have a leader that constantly shows us that everything is possible, and encourages us to follow suit. 

The below photo was shared today by the global social media account, 'Best Earth Pics' and shows a pool in a high rise building soaring above the clouds. It's not the first time Dubai has been featured in the 'Best Earth Pics', and it wont be the last. 

'A pool above the clouds, Dubai'

Dubai Future Accelerators Winners To Be Announced

Today Dubai will announce the winners of The Dubai Future Accelerators competition that was launched by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, chairman of the Dubai Future Foundation. The Accelerators is a 12 week program with projects gear to all the key government departments, including transport, security and electricity. Best of luck to all involved, continue to inspire and be inspired. 

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