An Italian Village Has Marked The UAE's National Day By Naming A Square After Dubai

You have to see this!

Italy New York Uae Nation Day Celebrations

What a day!

The country is in a MAJOR celebratory mood, not only because it's the UAE's 47th National Day...but also because the UAE passport is now officially the most powerful in the world.

The rulers of our nation are beyond thrilled

And the excitement, merriment and happiness can be felt far and wide

Also literally, because as it turns out we're not the only ones celebrating National Day.

Times Square, New York, which is one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections, is partaking in the celebrations with its brightly adorned billboards displaying the UAE flag and paying homage to our leaders

Times Square is lit up and how

Italy, on the other hand, has gone a step ahead and dedicated its streets to pay tribute to the UAE

An Italian town called 'Magione' named two of its streets 'Dubai Square' and 'United Arab Emirates Street' on the occasion of National Day

Even Google has joined in on the celebrations by dedicating the homepage to the UAE


Such a heartwarming feeling to see just how much the UAE is loved all around the world!

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