An Inspiring Woman Has Set Up An Organisation That Helps Women In Africa Get Jobs In Dubai

Women empowerment at its finest.


When it comes to discussions of entrepreneurship, you'd rarely think of philanthropy, but an inspiring social entrepreneur from Italy, Assia Riccio, has been going above and beyond with showing that this business model is not only more effective but equally as fulfilling.

Assia Riccio is the founder of Evolvin' Women, which helps unemployed women in rural countries find their place in society through the hospitality sector.

Her organisation brings women from Africa to Dubai to help them gain the skills necessary to create a living or help make them more employable back home.

The unemployment rate of women in Africa aged 17-25 has reached 35%

The high number of unemployment among women in Africa is partly why Riccio chose to start with helping women for Evolvin' Women.

In this episode, Riccio shares the inspiration of philanthropic work that is STILL a business model, why she has chosen to empower women and specifically in Africa and why she is on the continuous path to encouraging other businesses to start being socially responsible.

Be inspired, be motivated.

Listen to the full podcast below!

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