The CEO Of An Investment Company Details How Dubai Continuously Evolves To Attract Foreign Investment


He said it himself.

It should come as no surprise to how much Dubai has evolved economically over time, so much so, that it has become home to TWO of the largest business acquisitions the region has seen in the last two years- namely, Amazon buy out of Souq and Uber's merger/buyout of the car-hailing app Careem.

Fahad Al Gergawi, the CEO of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) graced us with his presence over at the Lovin studios this week, to discuss how the city, its leadership, and investment companies like his, work hard to preserve and further cultivate the attractiveness of Dubai- to garner more foreign investment.

Foreign investors have steadily maintained strong confidence in Dubai

Dubai has been so on point that it has been in the same 'Top 3' category as Singapore and London as of 2018- in terms of the number of FDI projects brought into Dubai.

That not only means big things for the city, the economy and its people but for startups looking to turn into a unicorn company.

Attracting new investors has been no easy feat but according to a 2018 report by the FDI, the city has successfully remained at a solid re-investment level of 5%, putting investors at ease with the confidence with Dubai.

Fahad shares the ins and outs, ups and downs, continuous efforts and how Dubai ranked FIRST globally in the TOP FDI Performers Report in 2018.
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