A Dubai Restaurateur Says No City in The World Has The PR Value Of Dubai And He's Not Wrong

Akiba Dori

It's crazy to think of how far Dubai has come, from the desert and a few buildings in Deira to a billion-dollar industry often scaled along with luxury, innovation AND a whole lot of entertainment.

Part of this innovation, brought with it a mind-blowing boost in all sectors of the city's economy, with a huge one being its F&B market.

In this week's podcast, we spoke to Samer Hamadeh, the passionate owner of the eclectic Japanese restobar, Akiba Dori, one of D3's gastronomic pride who said there's "no other city in the world with the PR value of Dubai."

Hamedeh has "never been to Japan" yet owns one of Dubai's best Japanese restaurants to date. With a mind for creativity, a heart full of passion and the knowledge of this city's opportunities, he must be onto something.

Dubai opens doors for everyone

"PR value in Dubai is global, which is key for independent brands, even if maybe a restaurant would do better in Saudi or Singapore. There’s no contest to the ‘Dubai’ brand, it opens doors for everyone. They wouldn’t have heard of us (Akiba Dori) if it weren’t for the Dubai brand.”

Listen to the entire discussion here!

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