A Dubai Based Influencer Has Exclusively Revealed He Is Launching A Travel Agency

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This week on the DUBAI WORKS business podcast, Dubai based social media influencer (and much more), Sherif Fayed revealed that his goals for 2019 include launching a travel agency.

It's refreshing to see how social media influencers build business on top of their audiences. We see a lot of talented individuals doing that here in Dubai.

Rather than thinking of a 'travel agency' as a thing of the past, Sherif sees it as something that can be done in a digital/social media way.

Dubai is wonderful place to be, to live, but also to be a tourist in

It would come as a surprise, if there was a single person in the city who didn't love to travel, and we are spoiled with our location, in what feels like the centre of the world, with so many places to go.

We also aren't short of 'gram envy, as people post pics from their travels all over the world. Influencers are the most guilty of this, as they seem to be constantly on the move.

Sherif Fayed will be known to many in Dubai, he's has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, and has been based here for the past five years. He's an Egyptian/American former footballer, TV host and brand ambassador for the likes of Montblanc and Nokia.

He also likes to travel

Correction, he LOVES to travel

Sherif is a model...

Ex-footballer, and TV host

And brand ambassador for brands like Carolina Herrera...

... And Massimo Dutti

What better way to combine his passion, social media audience to create his own brand

If his Instagram account is anything to go by, he knows exactly how to plan an awesome trip almost anywhere

... until more details emerge, we'll be waiting patiently for this Dubai made travel agency is born. Listen to the full episode here.

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