A Tiny Dubai Based Company Are Using Robots to Become The LEGO Of The Middle East

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Robots are not taking your jobs.

But the highly skilled kids as a result of using the modern day Lego might.

Junkbot is a Dubai-based company that provides toolkits to make robots, the catch here is that toolkits are for children and the robots are made from junk. The concept is genius; teaching kids to build robotics, using recycled material while giving them a grounding in the basics of science and maths.

Kids have amazing imaginations

Junkbot kits were distributed to 15 schools and students were asked to tackle cancer awareness. One student came up with a brilliant idea, where they built a bear that would detect illness and alert parents.

Dubai Works sat down with Etesham Abdul, the creator of Junkbot

Etesham Abdul is the founder of Junkbot. Since launching three years ago, over 10,000 kids have used their products and their aspiration is to become the Lego of the Middle East, this is a shining example of how a start-up can find success in Dubai.

Here he discussed the future of AI, how the skills learned through Junkbot are needed and how the tools Junkbot provides give students the skills to go on and build sophisticated robotics.

"A portion of our jobs will be taken by robots, but a lot more jobs will open up in the AI sector"

There are now 50,000 makers and the kits are available globally

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