More Than 700 Emirati Women Participated At This Year's Gov Games Marking An All-Time High

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The UAE, Dubai and equality for women have come a long way in the last twenty years- with the establishment of initiatives, and a great push from the UAE's leaders to ensure that its residents live not only a prosper lives but manage at a continuous growth in all sector of living.

A report by the UAE Embassy shows how the Emirati women have progressed in the academic, career and many other sectors.

But that doesn't mean it ends there, thanks also, in part, because of the supportive community in the region. More and more organisations and initiatives are being set up to empower further, include and elevate Emirati women's' standing in the UAE.

One such example of this is the outstanding number of women who participated in this year's Gov Games, 80% to be exact.

Marwan Bin Eisa, The Director of Gov Games takes pride at the fact that 700 Emirati women participated this year- WOW!

He highlighted the number of women that participated this year, exuding the evolving level of inclusion and interest of Emirati women to take part.

Marwan Bin Eisa also talked to us about why the Gov Games is more than athleticism and how healthy competition helps empower teamwork- a pride the government's staff and officials are proud of.

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