A Dubai Resident Urges Companies To Cut Plastic Bottle Use With This One Simple Move

Shawn Green Sprudel

The harms of plastic waste aren't unheard of in the UAE and the world- especially in this day and age.

You hear it everywhere, plastic isn't biodegradable which means it stacks up in the landfill and can remain so for many many years affecting the wildlife, us (humans) and largely, the environment.

Awareness on the fight against the use of plastic has steadily been increasing over the last couple of years, with Dubai set on ensuring the city becomes more sustainable by 2021 with the 2021 Sustainability Agenda and other events that support the initiative.

In this week's episode, however, we talk to Shawn Green who is the founder of Sprudel- a planet-friendly water company based in Dubai that is focused on targeting the corporate environment in the city.

Shawn Green talked about JUST how much damage is done by consuming ONE water bottle alone and why there's a need to influence the corporate lifestyle in Dubai the most

Green says that the norm in Dubai's (and the GCC, in general) corporate world is that water bottles are always intact in meeting rooms, may it be those 500ml ones or smaller.

The reoccurrence of this is probably due to the mass-held idea that it's quicker, easier and cheaper- and although that is the case, the adverse effects of this temporary 'quick fix' for the satiation of thirst are also ruining the world we live in.

But that needs to change, and it needs to change STAT, and that's what long-time Dubai resident Shawn thought of with the integration of his water company.

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