The Empowering 12-Year-Old Journalist Telling The Story Of How Her Friend Was Shot Will Break Your Heart

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Jana Jihad made headlines years back for being the youngest journalist in the world, following recordings she shared on Facebook from the age of seven- showing the hardships and occurrences faced by residents in her area of Nabi Salih by Israeli forces.

She is now twelve years old but is still fighting to make the story of children in Palestine, like herself, be heard.

We caught up with her during a recent visit she made at the Arab Media Forum, where she explained the reason she chose to go into journalism.

After asking her about the piece of work she has been most proud of, her response completely took us aback.

Image Credits: Instagram @janna.jihad

Jana witnessed, with her own eyes, the murder of her friend

The brave young journalist detailed the account of her 18-year-old friend getting shot by the Israeli forces, and how it led to her decision to cover and share the stories of other children undergoing these circumstances in Palestine.

Prepare to be inspired and uplifted by her uplifting perspective and hopes for the future

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