The Founder Of Koita Foods Explains Why Their Strawberry Milk Is White And You’ll be Shocked


Strawberry milk isn't supposed to be the colour pink, yet in many supermarkets, such is the case. Yes, this might seem like a strange topic for a business podcast, but one with a valid point-especially from an ethical, entrepreneurial point-of-view.

Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that strawberry milk is pink in hue because of a rather surprising reason.

As a community, we've stopped questioning the contents, background or history of what we consume simply due to the convenience of it all.

The convenience in price point, packaging and sometimes 'false' advertising are what gets most consumers to dodge curiosity in exchange for receiving goods.

Mustafa Koita of Koita Foods says we need to be sceptical about what we consume

Mustafa Koita, the founder of the Middle Eastern organic food company, Koita, spoke to us in this week's episode of Dubai Works to discuss JUST why it's important that people know what ingredients are included in the food or drinks that they consume.

He set up Koita Foods here in Dubai back in 2013 and has now successfully established a loyal clientele by maintaining the standards of his company's ethos: to keep things real.

Hear more about what he has to say about the latest food trends, being healthy and why we should be sceptical about most strawberry milk' colour.

Listen to the full podcast here

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