There Is A Seriously Cool Link Between A Prosthetics Arts Centre In Dubai And An Oscar-Winning Documentary


You probably didn't know this, but there's a prosthetics arts centre in Dubai that is the FIRST in the region. Omniyati Prosthetic Arts Center, with the word Omniyati meaning 'my desire' in parallel with the aims of this cosmetics prosthetics center since 2012.

This business has been up-and-running ever since, combining medical and science to create a prosthethic body part- to cater to clients who are missing a body part, have a deformity or a birth defect that they'd like changed.

It's often unheard of, but has become a steadily successful business in the UAE.

So successful, in fact, that it has even been linked to an Oscar-winning documentary.

'Saving Face' is a short-film documentary on a woman in Pakistan who's an acid burn victim, abused by her ex-husband who was helped by the centre

The story of Mrs Zakia is truly an eye-opening one; even the prestigious Oscar awards gave it accolade for having told the stories of women in Pakistan affected by domestic abuse.

Omniyati Prosthetic Arts Centre played a huge role in re-empowering Zakia by providing quality prostheses- that could be a starting point to emotional and physical healing.

This IS incredible.

In this episode of the business podcast, the centre's executive manager explained the services that Omniyat offer, why people shouldn't sleep on this, and that it can genuinely change lives.

Listen to the full podcast below!

This episode is also available on Anghami, iTunes and SoundCloud.

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