Those Interested In Filipino, Indian And Pakistani Artists Have A New Reason To Attend Art Dubai This Year

Pablo De Val Art Dubai

This year's global art fair has ALREADY witnessed the attendance of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the praise of so many due to its creative intake on the expression of culture.

This multiculturalism within Art Dubai itself ties in with the city's overall vibe, as well as the Year of Tolerance.

Pablo De Val, the International Director behind Art Dubai, who made all of this success possible spoke to us about this year's vision for the 4-day exhibit, the opening up of engagement within artists to attendees as well as the incredible storytelling of the global south's perspectives.

Different perspectives are being shared at the art fair

There's nothing like the story behind a photo, or in this case, an artwork- and the Bawabba section at Art Dubai has increased efforts to encourage this.

The section is made up of artwork showcasing issues and perspectives faced by, experienced and lived by those from the global south.

Countries represented are the likes of the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Africa and more

Bawabba will showcase the production of art through these artists from the mentioned countries from the south, in a way where the visitors will get to map out each story from every artwork.

This is such an immense testament to the Year of Tolerance, showing oneness while raising awareness on non-Western art, its expression and more.

Listen to the full podcast here

Pablo De Val also discussed inspirations, the region's art scene and future prospectives in the world of creativity.

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